Perfect fit for mid-sized to larger fleets that need the added convenience of fueling where Mastercard® is accepted. With the 7-Eleven Commercial Fleet Mastercard®, your fleet can customize reports for a complete fuel management solution.




2. Set Up Your Online Account

Manage your entire account online

  1. Visit www.iconnectdata.com/SPW. Your username and temporary password were emailed to you from iConnectData@comdata.com
  2. Turn cards on/off, set card profiles, order new cards, manage Prompted IDs, pay your bill, plus so much more!

Need help creating your iConnect account? Contact Customer Service at:

3. Drivers, Learn How To Use Your Cards

Understanding how drivers use the Prompted ID

Promted IDs are unique to the driver or vehicle. The prompted ID works like a PIN, but can be used with any card. Purchases are tracked based on the combination of the card & Prompted ID used. For fuel purchases: Select credit. Enter promted ID and odometer.

Note: A Prompted ID can be referred to as the Driver ID/number or Vehicle ID/number depending on merchant.

What to do if your cards are lost or stolen

Adding a card to your account

Changing and assigning Prompted IDs

How to avoid card declines at the pump

Common card declines at the pump include: 

  1. Driver entered an incorrect prompted ID: Avoid this by ensuring your drivers have the correct driver prompted ID. You can change or reset a prompted ID on your account management website (My Cards > Prompted IDs).
  2. Fuel site does not accept your type of card: Verify the fuel site accepts the card before fueling. Use the account management website’s Fuel Locator to figure out which fuel sites accept your card.
  3. Your account is over the credit limit: The account management website’s home page displays your current unbilled balances. Use this information to verify that your account is not over the credit limit.
  4. Purchase is outside of the card's controls: Each card has a vehicle profile with various limits such as transaction maximums, daily limits, time of week/day, and fuel type. To view your vehicle profiles, visit Vehicle Profiles under Cards > Card Profiles. These limits can be changed for each card.
  5. Your account is locked: Verify your recent payments were received and posted correctly or call customer service for more information.

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4. Manage Your Account

Total account control at your fingertips

Your account access is through iConnectData. Track, manage and control fuel expenses across multiple vehicles and drivers with your online account.

Access Multiple Account Codes and Customer IDs

View Transaction History

View Statements

Pay Your Bill